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密雲圓悟 Miyun Yuanwu (1566-1642)

(Rōmaji:) 蜜雲円悟 Mitsuun Engo


Miyun Yuanwu. (J. Mitsuun Engo; K. Mirun Wŏno 密雲圓悟) (1566–1642).
Chinese CHAN master of the LINJI ZONG; also known as Tiantong. Miyun was
a native of Changzhou prefecture in present-day Jiangsu province. He is said to
have decided to become a monk after reading the LIUZU TAN JING and was
formally ordained by Huanyou Zhengzhuan (1549–1614) at the age of twenty-
eight. In 1602, Miyun followed Huanyou to the monastery of Longchiyuan in
Changzhou and served as its prior (JIANYUAN). In 1611, Miyun received
Huanyou’s robes and bowls as a mark of transmission. Three years later, Miyun
succeeded Huanyou’s seat at Longchiyuan. In 1623, Miyun moved to the
monastery Tongxuansi on TIANTAISHAN and again to Guanghuisi in Fuzhou
prefecture (Zhejing province) a year later. In 1630, Miyun restored the
monastery Wanfusi on Mt. Huangbo. He subsequently served as abbots of the
monasteries Guanglisi on Mt. Yuwang, Jingdesi on Mt. Tiantong, and Dabao’ensi
in Jinleng. His teachings are recorded in the Miyun chanshi yulu.

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密雲圓悟 Miyun Yuanwu

PDF: Enlightenment in Dispute: The Reinvention of Chan Buddhism in Seventeenth-Century China
by Jiang Wu
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