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Japanese-English Glossary of Zen Terms Compiled by Gábor Terebess

PDF: A Dictionary of Chinese Buddhist Terms by William Edward Soothill and Lewis Hodous

PDF: Map of the Taisho and Zen Portion of the Zokuzokyo > docx

PDF: Helen J. Baroni: The Illustrated Encyclopedia of Zen Buddhism

PDF: The Seeker's Glossary of Buddhism

PDF: Dizionario dello zen

PDF: Multi-lingual Dictionary of Buddhism Vietnamese Edition

PDF: The Princeton Dictionary of Buddhism (2014)

PDF: The Zen Canon: Understanding the Classic Texts (2004)

Introduction: Canon and Canonicity in the History of the Zen Literary Tradition
1 Tsung-mi's Zen Prolegomenon
2 Mazu yulu and the Creation of the Chan Records of Sayings
3 The Lidai fabao ji (Record of the Dharma-Jewel through the Ages)
4 The Huang-po Literature
5 Lineage and Context in the Patriarch's Hall Collection and the Transmission of the Lamp
6 The Record of Hongzhi and the Recorded Sayings Literature of Song-Dynasty Chan
7 The Wu-men kuan (J. Mumonkan)
8 The Eihei kōroku: The Record of Dōgen's Later Period at Eihei-ji Temple
9 Chanyuan qinggui and Other “Rules of Purity” in Chinese Buddhism

PDF: Zen Classics: Formative Texts in the History of Zen Buddhism (2005)

1 Guishan jingce (Guishan's Admonitions) and the Ethical Foundations of Chan Practice
2 A Korean Contribution to the Zen Canon: The Oga Hae Seorui
3 Zen Buddhism as the Ideology of the Japanese State
4 An Analysis of Dōgen's Eihei Goroku
5 “Rules of Purity” in Japanese Zen
6 Zen Kōan Capping Phrase Books
7 Imagining Indian Zen
8 Meditation for Laymen and Laywomen

PDF: Zen Ritual: Studies of Zen Buddhist Theory in Practice (2008)

Introduction: Rethinking Ritual Practice in Zen Buddhism
1.  Ritual in Japanese Zen Buddhism
2.  Chan Rituals of the Abbots' Ascending the Dharma Hall to Preach
3.  Buddhist Rituals for Protecting the Country in Medieval Japan: Myōan Eisai's “Regulations of the Zen School”
4.  Is Dōgen's Eiheiji Temple “Mt. T'ien‐t'ung East”?: Geo‐Ritual Perspectives on the Transition from Chinese Ch'an to Japanese Zen
5.  Zazen as an Enactment Ritual
6 . Women and Dōgen: Rituals Actualizing Empowerment and Healing
7.  Invocation of the Sage: The Ritual to Glorify the Emperor
8 . Meditation in Motion: Textual Exegesis in the Creation of Ritual
9.  Dharma Transmission in Theory and Practice

PDF: Chan Buddhism in Ritual Context (2003)

1. Chan and Zen studies: the state of the field(s) / Bernard Faure
2. Imagining the portrait of a Chan master / Wendi Adamek
3. On the ritual use of Chan portraiture in medieval China / T. Griffith Foulk and Robert H. Sharf
4. A Tang dynasty Chan mummy (roushen) and a modern case of furta sacra?: investigating the contested bones of Shitou Xiqian / James Robson
5. Filling the Zen shu: notes on the Jisshu Yodo Ki / Carl Bielefeldt
6. Quand l'habit fait le moine: the symbolism of the kasaya in Soto Zen / Bernard Faure
7. The enlightenment of kami and ghosts: spirit ordinations in Japanese Soto Zen / William M. Bodiford
8. How Dosho's medicine saved Dogen: medicine, Doshoan and Edo-period Dogen biographies / Duncan Ryuken Williams.

PDF: The Koan: Texts and Contexts in Zen Buddhism (2000)

Introduction: Koan Tradition - Self-Narrative and Contemporary Perspectives
1 The Form and Function of Koan Literature: A Historical Overview
2 The Antecedents of Encounter Dialogue in Chinese Ch'an Buddhism
3 Mahakasyapa's Smile: Silent Transmission and the Kung-an (Koan) Tradition
4 Kung-an Ch'an and the Tsung-men t'ung-yao chi
5 Visions, Divisions, Revisions: The Encounter between Iconoclasm and Supernaturalism in Koan Cases about Mount Wu-t'ai
6 "Before the Empty Eon" versus "A Dog Has No Buddha-Nature": Kung-an Use in the Ts'ao-tung Tradition and Ta-hui's Kung-an Introspection Ch'an
7 Koan History: Transformative Language in Chinese Buddhist Thought
8 Ikkyu and Koans
9 Transmission of Kirigami (Secret Initiation Documents): A Soto Practice in Medieval Japan
10 Emerging from Nonduality: Koan Practice in the Rinzai Tradition since Hakuin
11 Koan and Kensho in the Rinzai Zen Curriculum

PDF: Zen Masters (2010)

1 Monastic Innovator, Iconoclast, and Teacher of Doctrine
2 Dongshan and the Teaching of Suchness
3 Yongming Yanshou
4 Dahui Zonggao (1089–1163)
5 Dōgen, Zen Master, Zen Disciple
6 The Zen of Books and Practice
7 The Use of Traps and Snares
8 True Person, Formless Self
9 Humanizing the Image of a Zen Master
10 Seung Sahn

PDF: How Zen Became Zen by Morten Schlütter (2008)
The Dispute over Enlightenment and the Formation of Chan Buddhism in Song-Dynasty China

1. Chan Buddhism in the Song: Some Background
2. The Chan School and the Song State
3. Procreation and Patronage in the Song Chan School
4. A New Chan Tradition: The Reinvention of the Caodong Lineage in the Song
5. A Dog Has No Buddha-Nature: Kanhua Chan and Dahui Zonggao's Attacks on Silent Illumination
6. The Caodong Tradition as the Target of Attacks by the Linji Tradition
7. Silent Illumination and the Caodong Tradition
Caodong Lineage
Linji Lineage

PDF: Encyclopedia of Buddhism edited by Robert E. Buswell, Jr. (2003)

PDF: Buddhista lexikon szakszerkesztő: Dr. Hetényi Ernő (1997)

PDF: The Buddha Eye: An Anthology of the Kyoto School and Its Contemporaries (2004)

PDF: Awakening and Insight: Zen Buddhism and Psychotherapy edited by Polly Young-Eisendrath and Shoji Muramoto

PDF: The signifier pointing at the Moon: psychoanalysis and Zen Buddhism by Raul Moncayo

PDF: A Drifting Boat: An Anthology of Chinese Zen Poetry edited by Jerome P. Seaton & Dennis Maloney

PDF: Realization through Hearing in Chan Literature by Guo-Jing (2014)

PDF: Buddhist Monasticism in East Asia (2010)

PDF: The Zen of Anarchy: Japanese Exceptionalism and the Anarchist Roots of the San Francisco Poetry Renaissance by James Brown
Religion and American Culture: A Journal of Interpretation, Vol. 19, Issue 2, pp. 207–242, © 2009 by The Center for the Study of Religion and American Culture.

Three Language-Related Methods In Early Chinese Chan Buddhism by Desheng Zong
Philosophy East and West 55/4 (Oct 2005): pp. 584-602 (19)

The Pragmatics of ‘Never Tell Too Plainly': indirect communication in Chan Buddhism
by Youru Wang, Asian Philosophy, Vol. 10, No.1, 2000.

PDF: Sensibility of the Insensible: The Genealogy of a Ch 'an Aesthetic and the Passionate Dream of Poetic Creation by John A. Jorgensen
PhD Thesis, Australian National University, 1989

PDF: Zen's Four Mottos and the Poetic Language by Yong Zhi
Asian Culture and History; Vol. 5, No. 1; 2013

PDF: Zen Texts, BDK Tripitaka Translation Series (2005)

Essentials of the Transmission of Mind tr. by John McRae
A Treatise on Letting Zen Flourish to Protect the State tr. by Gishin Tokiwa
A Universal Recommendation for True Zazen tr. by Osamu Yoshida
Advice on the Practice of Zazen tr. by Steven Heine

PDF: Traditions of Meditation in Chinese Buddhism edited by Peter N. Gregory

Introduction PETER N. GREGORY 1
Meditation in Fa-hsiang Buddhism ALAN SPONBERG 15
The Four Kinds of Samadhi in Early T'ien-t'ai Buddhism DANIEL B. STEVENSON 45
The Concept of One-Practice Samadhi in Early Ch'an BERNARD FAURE 99
Ch'ang-lu Tsung-tse's Tso-Ch'an I and the "Secret" of Zen Meditation CARL BIELEFELDT 129
From Dispute to Dual Cultivation: Pure Land Responses to Ch'an Critics DAVID W. CHAPPELL 163
Chinul's Systemization of Chinese Meditative Techniques in Korean Son Buddhism ROBERT E. BUSWELL, JR. 199

PDF: Paths to Liberation: the Marga and its transformations in Buddhist thought edited by Robert E. Buswell, Robert M. Gimello

The Relation between Chinese Buddhist History and Soteriology 309
Yoshizu Yoshihide, translated and edited by Paul Groner

Encounter Dialogue and the Transformation of the Spiritual Path in Chinese Ch'an 339
John R. McRae

Marga and Culture: Learning, Letters, and Liberation in Northern Sung Ch'an 371
Robert M. Gimello

Shortening the Path: Early Tendai Interpretations of the Realization of Buddhahood with This Very Body (Sokushinjiibutsu) 439
Paul Groner

No-Mind and Sudden Awakening: Thoughts on the Soteriology of a Kamakura Zen Text 475
Carl Bielefeldt

PDF: Sudden and Gradual: Approaches to Enlightenment in Chinese Thought edited by Peter N. Gregory

I - The Sudden and Gradual Debates 11

The Mirror of the Mind 13

Sudden Illumination or Simultaneous Comprehension: Remarks on Chinese and Tibetan Terminology 41

Purifying Gold: the Metaphor of Effort and Intuition in Buddhist Thought and Practice 67

II - Sudden and Gradual Enlightenment in Chinese Buddhism 167

Tao-sheng's Theory of Sudden Enlightenment Re-Examined 169

Sudden and Gradual Intimately Conjoined: Chih-i's T'ien-t'ai View 201

Shen-hui and the Teaching of Sudden Enlightenment in Early Ch'an Buddhism 227

Sudden Enlightenment Followed by Gradual Cultivation: Tsung-mi's Analysis of Mind 279

The "Short-Cut" Approach of K'an-hua Meditation: the Evolution of a Practical Subitism in Chinese Ch'an Buddhism 321

III - Analogies in the Cultural Sphere 379

The Sudden and the Gradual in Chinese Poetry Criticism: An Examination of the Ch'an-Poetry Analogy 381

Tung Ch'i-ch'ang's "Southern and Northern Schools" in the History and Theory of Painting: A Reconsideration 429

Afterword Thinking of "Enlightenment" Religiously 447

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Academic Papers presented at the 2nd IABU Conference Mahachulalongkornrajavidyalaya University, Main Campus Wang Noi, Ayutthaya, Thailand, 2012, 488 p.

The Roots of Zen Buddhism by Hsueh-Li Cheng
Journal of Chinese Philosophy , V. 8. (1981), pp. 451-478.