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Les Kaye (1933-)
Kakuzen Keido Les Kaye

Les Kaye (born June 14, 1933) is a Soto Zen priest [覚禅 慶道 Kakuzen Keidō]. He started work in 1958 for IBM in San Jose, California, and over thirty years held positions in engineering, sales, management, and software development.
Les became interested in Zen Buddhism in the mid 1960s and started Zen practice in 1966 with a small group in the garage of a private home. In 1970, he took a leave of absence to attend a three-month practice period at Tassajara Zen monastery in California and the following year was ordained as a Zen monk by Zen Master Shunryu Suzuki. In 1973, he took an additional leave of absence to attend a second practice period, this time as head monk, and in 1984, Les received Dharma Transmission, authority to teach, from Hoitsu Suzuki son and successor to Shunryu Suzuki. He was appointed teacher at Kannon Do Zen Center in Mountain View, California. He and his wife Mary have two adult children and a grandson and live in Los Altos, California.
His first book was Zen at Work, (Random House, 1996.) and he is also author of the recently published Joyously Through the Days: Living the Journey of Spiritual Practice (Wisdom Publications, 2011).



PDF: Ōryōki : a Manual for the Construction and Use of Eating Bowls > 2nd ed.
Pamphlet by Les Kaye
Kannon Do Zen Center, 1975, 45 pages





PDF: Zen at Work
by Les Kaye
Crown Trade Paperbacks, 1996; Three Rivers Press, 1997

Table of Contents

The Quest: A Parable
Ch. 1 dual careers 1
Ch. 2 true nature 13
Ch. 3 mind and body 20
Ch. 4 self-expression 27
Ch. 5 an adventure 36
Ch. 6 in reality 52
Ch. 7 relationships 67
Ch. 8 the adventure continues 84
Ch. 9 enlightenment at work 93
Ch. 10 communication 103
Ch. 11 fearlessness 111
Ch. 12 letting go 128
Ch. 13 the spiritual workplace 144
Ch. 14 spiritual life, daily life 157
Notes 167


PDF: A sense of something greater: Zen and the search for balance in Silicon Valley
by Les Kaye & Teresa Bouza
Berkeley : Parallax Press, 2018


Joyously Through the Days: Living the Journey of Spiritual Practice
by Les Kaye; Foreword by Huston Smith.
Wisdom Publications, 2011

Table of Contents

Foreword p. xi
Preface p. xv
Sources of Difficulty p. 1
Original Foolishness p. 3
The Rough Edges of Anger p. 6
The Complainer p. 9
Stress and Stress Prevention p. 13
The I Have To Trap p. 18
Staying Stuck p. 21
The Wall p. 24
The Emperor's Clothes p. 26
Mind Shadows p. 30
Stagnation p. 34
Carried Away p. 38
No Promises p. 42
Complicating Our Life p. 46
The Practice p. 49
The Skill of Awareness p. 51
Taking Care of Time p. 54
Negative to Positive p. 58
Walking Stones p. 61
Getting Off the Bus p. 65
Breaking the Habit p. 69
Finding Our Self p. 72
Enlightened Communication p. 77
A Sense of Control p. 81
Continuous Effort p. 85
Out of Sight, Out of Mind p. 89
The Meaning of Courtesy p. 92
Coming Down from the Attic p. 95
Tuning Our Life p. 99
Asking the Right Question p. 103
The High Road p. 107
Composure p. 111
Happiness p. 113
Truth in the Ordinary p. 116
A Meaningful Life p. 120
Caring p. 122
Fearlessness p. 126
Never Out of Stock p. 130
Love in the Larger Sense p. 134
The Source of Compassion p. 139
Spirituality and Technology p. 143
Life Is Not a Commodity p. 150
Sanctuary p. 154
Subtlety p. 158
True Creativity p. 161
We Are Needed p. 163
The Natural World p. 167
Epilogue p. 171
Appendix: A Basic Introduction to Zazen-Spiritual Practice in the Zen Tradition p. 175
Index p. 181
About the Author p. 189