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진제법원 / 眞際法遠 Jinje Beopwon (1934-)

(Magyar átírás:) Csindzse Popvon



the staff (주장자 / 拄杖; Japanese: shujō) is a walking stick, often carried by the master
when he “ascends the hall” (상당 / 上堂; Japanese: jōdō) i.e., gives a formal lecture

Zen Master Jinje
Lecture Collections


Part I. Lecture Collections

1. Story of His Honorable Zen Master Jinje

2. The Good News of Chogye (曹溪)

3. Great Concentration

4. The Tradition of Approval

5. Lin-chi's Shouts and Tŏk-san's Strikes

6. Transmission by Empathy

7. The True Meaning of Nirvana

8. The Enlightenment of a Lay Believer Family

9. Zen Meditation in Ordinary Life

10. Zen Masters Taego and Naong

11. Hyewol Innocent and Pure

12. Zen Master Unbong

13. A Phrase of Enlightenment before Mounting the Platform!

14. The True Image of Buddh a

15. 2002 International Open Zen Conference in Haeunjeong-sa

16. The Right Lineage (正脈) of the Supreme Vehicle (向上)- International Conference on Ganwha Seon (Dongguk Univ. August 13, 2010)

Part II. The Method of Zen

1. The Road to Buddha

2. How to Meditate

3. Questions and Answers - Lecture on the Method of Zen Meditation

4. Why Do We Need Teachers?

5. The Story of Vimalakirti

6. The Teacher of Temperance

7. The Teacher in the Hwadu Exploration

8. The Levels of Precepts

9. The Prick as Your Guide

10. The Source of Dharma Transmissions in Korea