Tōshō-ji, Tokyo, 1967

Gabor Terebess (釈 元祥 Shaku Genshō, 1944-)
stayed a few months in 1967 at Tōshō-ji
with Ban Tetsugyu rōshi

Tosho-ji, December 1967, G. Terebess with Ban Tetsugyu roshi's head monk, Miura 三浦
Tosho-ji today

Tosho-ji, December 1967, G. Terebess with Tsunenobu Ban, son of Tetsugyu Ban roshi

Ban Tsunenobu (伴恒信, 1950-) with his wife Kyoko at Warwick University in England;
today he is a Professor of Sociology of Education at Okayama Shoka University (岡山商科大学), Japan.
Formerly he was at the Naruto University of Education (鳴門教育大学): www.naruto-u.ac.jp/~bann/prof.htm
He has published several studies about moral orientations of schoolchildren: http://aped.snu.ac.kr/icer/data/paper/2-5Ban.htm

We have met again in Budapest, on 10th of September, 2015, after 48 years!