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杭州天龍 Hangzhou Tianlong (748-807)

(Rōmaji:) Kōshū Tenryū
(Magyar átírás:) Hang-csou Tien-lung

Painting by Reikai Vendetti (alias Jean-Claude Gaumer)


by Andy Ferguson
In: Zen's Chinese Heritage: The Masters and Their Teachings, Wisdom Publications, 2011, p. 149.

HANGZHOU TIANLONG (n.d.) was a disciple of Damei Fachang and the teacher of Juzhi (one-fingered Zen). The lamp records provide little information about Hangzhou Tianlong’s life.

Hangzhou Tianlong entered the hall and addressed the monks, saying, “All of you! Don’t be waiting for me to come here so that you can come here, or for me to go back so that you can go back. Each of you already possesses the ocean of glorious treasure-nature and is fully endowed with virtuous merit and the pervasive illumination. Each of you partakes of it! Take care!”

A monk asked, “How can one escape the three realms?” Tianlong said, “Where are you right this moment?”

Cf. A monk asked Hangzhou Tianlong, “How does one escape the three realms – the realm of desire, the realm of the end of desire while remaining in form, and the realm beyond form?”
Hangzhou asked, “Where are you right now?”
[Zen Masters of China: The First Step East by Richard Bryan McDaniel, Tuttle, p. 198.]