SĂ´jiji, Butsuden

Butsuden is a Zen Sect's term for the main hall, and in case of the Temple, it is called Dai-o-hoden. Construction started in 1907 and completed eight years later in 1915. The stately 21.8 meter-square building, made totally of zelkova trees, has double and semi-gabled roofs.

Enshrined on the center altar of the hall is a statue of Shaka Nyorai or Sakyamuni in Skt., the main object of worship, flanked by Kasho (Kasyapa in Skt.) on its left and Anan (Ananda in Skt.) on its right. The duo are among the ten greatest disciples of Shaka. The term Dai-o-hoden denotes the halls that house these trio statues. In the left recess are sedentary statues of Bodhidharma, the patriarch of the Chinese Zen in the 6th century, and of Priest Ryokai Dosan (807-869), (Dong-shan linang-jie in Chinese), the patriarch of Chinese Soto Zen. Installed in the right recess are sedentary statues of Priest Rujing and Daigen Shuri Bosatsu, that is a guardian deity of religion and is always enshrined in the main hall.