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無示介諶 Wushi Jiechen, aka 育王介諶 Yuwang Jiechen (1080–1148)

(Rōmaji:) Muji Kaijin, aka Go-ō Kaijin


DOC: Huanglong pai
The lineage of the Huanglong branch of the Linji school


Gongan collections I.

Wushi 無示 or Yuwang Jiechen 育王介諶 (1080–1148) is a dharma heir of Changling Shouzhuo. He served as the abbot of Ayuwang Monastery in Zhejiang province.

Yuwang Jiechen's verse

In the wide sky wild geese have already come at the break of a frosty dawn,
In a thousand forests yellow leaves commit themselves to the moss,
A lonesome chrysanthemum by the eastern fence,*
Is not put into the chalice after the royal descendant becomes drunk

育王諶頌 ,“ 霜曉長空鴈已來 , 千林黃葉委莓苔 . 東籬寂寞一枝菊 ! 不入王 孫醉後盃 .”

*This is an allusion to a famous poem by Tao Yuanming 陶淵明 (365–427), “Picking chrysanthemums beneath the eastern fence,” and the use of chrysanthemums in alcohol to aid longevity.