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萬年曇貫 Wannian Tanguan, aka 心聞曇賁 Xinwen Tanben (c.1100-1170)

(Rōmaji:) Mannen Donkan, aka Shinmon Donfun


DOC: Huanglong pai
The lineage of the Huanglong branch of the Linji school


Wannian 萬年 or Xinwen Tanfen 心聞曇賁 (d.u.) is a dharma heir of Changling Shouzhuo's disciple, Jiechen 無示介諶 (1080–1148). Xinwen served as the abbot of Ruiyan Monastery 瑞巖寺, Jiangxin Monastery 江心寺, and Wannian Monastery 萬年寺 in Zhejiang province.

Xinwen Tanfen's verse

It is not difficult to manifest (oneself ) in each and all of the lands as numerous as motes of dust,
How could Upāli be so deceived by him?
If the seduction had been discussed in detail at the time,
They would have tried not to take Gautama as the Buddha.

心聞賁頌 ,“ 刹刹塵塵現不難 , 波離何苦被渠謾 ? 當時若論收姦細 , 莫把 瞿曇做佛看 .”