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靈源惟清 Lingyuan Weiqing (?-1117)

(Rōmaji:) Reigen Isei


禪關策進 Changuan cejin [Progress in the Path of Chan / Chan Whip]
The Chan whip anthology : a companion to Zen practice

Translated by Jeffrey L. Broughton with Elise Yoko Watanabe
New York : Oxford University Press, 2014. p. 140.

Firmly Vow to Awaken

Chan Master Lingyuan Qing, when he was first investigating [the buddha-
dharma face-to-face] with [Chan Master] Huanglong Xin, along with the rest
of the sangha participated in question-and-answer [sessions with Xin]. [Qing]
didn’t know what was going on and had not a clue. [Every] night he would
make a vow before the buddhas: “I will exhaust my body and life in order
to be able to give the dharma [to all sentient beings]. I vow to quickly attain
understanding [i.e., awakening]!” Later he was reading the Sayings [Record]
of Xuansha; tired, [he did cross-legged sitting] facing a wall. He then got up
[ from sitting] and began walking meditation. As he walked he promptly lost
a shoe. When he bent down to pick it up, suddenly he had a great awakening.


DOC: Huanglong pai
The lineage of the Huanglong branch of the Linji school