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酈村自滿 Licun Ziman (n.d.)

(Rōmaji:) Rison Jiman
(Magyar átírás:) Li-cun Ce-man


Chan Master Xinzhou Licun Ziman
景德傳燈錄 Jingde chuandeng lu (CDL)
忻州酈村自滿禪師 T.51, no.2076, 249a28 376 269 97
Daoyuan. Records of the Transmission of the Lamp: Volume 2 (Books 4-9), The Early Masters, 2015, Book 6.103
Translated by Randolph S. Whitfield

Chan master Ziman of Licun in Xinzhou (Shanxi) ascended the Dharma-hall and said, ‘Ancient and modern are not different; the Dharma is also like this. What more could there be? Although it is naturally so, this business is great and there are people who mismanage this.’

A monk present asked, ‘Falling neither into “ancient” nor “modern”, may the master please speak straightforwardly.’

The master answered, ‘Quite honestly, you mismanage things.’ The monk wished to engage in discussion but the master continued, ‘Were you just about to tell this old monk that he has fallen into “ancient” and “modern”?’

‘What is the right thing then?’ asked the monk.

‘A fish flies into the blue heaven, yet it cannot go beyond its own flying,’ said the master.

‘How to avoid this error then?’ asked the monk.

‘If it were a dragon could anyone discuss “high” and “low”?’ retorted the master. The monk bowed and the master said, ‘Hardship! Submission! Is there anyone like me?’

The master told the assembly one day, ‘Apart from the brightness of day and the darkness of night, what else is there to talk about obtaining? Take care of yourselves!’

A monk present asked, ‘What is the indisputable statement?’

The master answered, ‘It upsets heaven and makes the earth move.’



Li-cun Ce-man
Fordította: Terebess Gábor
Vö.: Folyik a híd, Officina Nova, Budapest, 1990, 80. oldal

– Mit jelent „felfogni egy hangot és szabadulást nyerni”? – kérdezte egy szerzetes Li-cuntól.
Li-cun felvette a piszkavasat és rácsapott egy parázsló fahasábra:
– Hallod?
– Igen.
– Ki nem szabad? – kérdezte Li-cun.