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Jing (n.d.) & Yun (n.d.)
祖堂集 Zutang ji

(Koreai átírás:) 정 Chŏng/Jeong & 균 Kyun/Gyun: 조당집 Chodang chip/Jodang jip
(Rōmaji:) Jō & In: Sodōshū
(English:) A Collection from the Halls of the Patriachs / Patriarch's Hall Anthology / Ancestral Hall Collection
(Magyar:) Cu-tang csi (szerk. Csing & Jün): Az ősatyák csarnokának gyűjteménye / Az ősök csarnoka gyűjtemény

Compiled in 952, published in Korea in 1245, biographies of 253 figures

Compiled in 952 in the kingdom of Southern Tang (937–975), Zutang ji 祖堂集 is an invaluable source of information about the formative history of the Chan school and the gradual evolution of Chan literature. Long lost and forgotten in China, only to be rediscovered during the early part of the twentieth century among the woodblocks of the Buddhist canon stored at Haein Monastery 海印寺 in Korea, the text represents an outline of earlier Chan “history,” written from a regional perspective. Among the text's prominent features is its inclusion of unique materials not found in other Chan collections.


柳田聖山 Yanagida Seizan (1922-2006)

Yanagida Seizan 柳田聖山, 《《祖堂集》の本文研究》 Zengaku kenkyū 禪學研究 54 (1964), 11-87

Zutang ji 祖堂集索引. 3 vols. Yanagida Seizan 柳田聖山, ed. Kyoto Daigaku Jinbun Kagaku Kenkyūjo, 1980.


Seo Kyung-bo
"A Study of Korean Zen Buddhism Approached Through the Chodangjip"

Ph.D. dissertation. Temple University, 1960; mimeographed reprint, Seoul, Poryo ̆n'gak, 1973.


PDF: Lineage and Context in the Patriarch's Hall Collection and the Transmission of the Lamp
by Albert Welter
In: The Zen Canon: Understanding the Classic Texts (2004), Chapter 5


Christoph Anderl
Studies in the Language of Zu-tang ji 祖堂集

2 volumes. Oslo, Unipub, 2004, (ca. 980 pages)

This is study of the grammar of Late Middle Chinese / Early Vernacular Chinese, exemplified by the 10th century Chan text Zǔtáng jí 祖堂集 [Collection From the Patriarchs' Hall]. The first volume includes a long introduction to the text, and the grammar. The second volume includes selective translations, the bibliography, and an index.

Studies in the Language of Zu-tang ji 祖堂集, VOLUME 1: GRAMMAR (and Introduction, Lineage Charts, Variant Characters)

Studies in the Language of Zu-tang ji 祖堂集, VOLUME 2: TRANSLATION (and Glossary of Linguistic Terms, Bibliographies, Index)

Index of Buddhist terms, function words, proper names and glosses in "Studies in the Language of Zu-tang ji 祖堂集"

Bibliography and Linguistic Glossary Concerning the Study of Early Vernacular Chinese with an Emphasis on the Language of Zǔtáng jí 祖堂集 'Collection from the Patriarchs' Hall' (10th century)


PDF: Le Recueil de la Salle des patriarches
"Tsou-t'ang tsi" par Paul Demiéville
T'oung Pao, Second Series, Vol. 56, Livr. 4/5 (1970), pp. 262-286