Kaszi teaédesség
Teakult, a Terebess Online különlapja


The tea confectionery can roughly divide to two kinds.They are Omogasi and Higasi.
As for the formal combination, Koicha corresponds to Omogasi and Usucha corresponds to Higasi. However, at present, in a lot of cases, it lets out in the combination of Omogasi (+ Higasi ) to Usucha.

The contrast between Omogasi and Higasi

The kind
Nerikiri, Kinton,
Manjuu,Youkan,Mochigasi, and so on.

Rakugan, Konpeitou, Aruheitou,
Senbei, and so on.

The receptacle

Kasiwan, Fuchidaka, Meimeibon,
Jikirou, Morikomibachi, and so on.

Takatsuki, Aogaibon,
Komabon, Furidasi, and so on.