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Jeffrey Winke

weathered gray
the old barn
leans into the storm

cold snap
from the sewerage plant
pond steam slowly unfur

intercity bus
the driver's cloth jacket
holds miles of nicotine

stripped bare
she closes the blind
to the leafless tree

it slithers up
her inner thigh --
snake tattoo

yellow farmhouse
gray tree trunks push
shade over its roof

attractive woman
her shadow falls
into my arms

a lamp lit folder
o p e n

tentative touch. . .
her warm breath
I steal with a kiss

dark mist
a raccoon silently slips into
the dumpster

late sunrise
a walnut rolls . . .
down a roof

faint autumn moon
a sheet of newspaper
crumpled by the wind

dusting of snow
a sparrow's footprints
every which way

lakeside diner
a tipped over picnic table
encased in ice

gray rain
in the park custodian's truck
trays of pink geraniums

pale puddles
sound of an air wrench
from the open garage

50's photo
her atomic breasts point
to the future

the long walk
her hand finds

noon rush
trying not to notice
the waitress' mole

my grandfather's portrait
recognizing that look
in my daughter

late summer
descending into her jeans
a celtic tattoo

misty eve
a neighbor's dog
gives a long howl

cold autumn rain
the red EAT sign's
soft neon hum

furnace man –
his soft grumble
as he tunes the boiler

pitch black
moving toward her lips. . .
I kiss her nose

frenetic day
outside my office window
clouds slowly drift

late sun
a dandelion wisp floats
into shade

morning paper
scrolling down the page
to click on More

off season
the fair grounds
filled with wind

first rain
the bright colors
of her summer top

early sun --
the red-wing glides
into shade

trying not to look
again, she adjusts
her blouse v

eyelash moon
the cobalt sky holds
her silence

five up, two over
somebody stares out
that window

dry shadow
under the parked white car --
spring downpour

amish friendship bread
hint of cinnamon
in her kiss

gas drilling rig
rasp of frogs
near the porta-potty

mannequin faces
a cosmetic counter woman
offers a spritz