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Anita Virgil's Haiku

a phoebe's cry...
the blue shadows
on the dinner plates

all morning
the vegetable garden shaded

and after such a year
the first crocus
in its usual place

at the end
of the coal train's sound
winter dawn

the cold fresh scent:
new snow.

behind sunglasses
I doze and wake...
the friendly man talks on

bitter cold
the distant train pulls
some of my night with it

the outhouse roof:

the cat's eyes:
a small chirp

Emerging hot and rosy
from their skins -

holding you
in me still...
sparrow songs

low tide:
all the people

morning bath
clouds & birds float between
still wet limbs

with nothing around it
but the air

not seeing
the room is white
until that red apple

no sound to this
spring rain -
but the rock darken

on the hot lawn
only the mushroom's

Quite afternoon:
water shadows
on the pine bark.

red flipped out
chicken lung
in a cold white sink

rustling beneath
the leaf cover, I pluck
the bean cool

she turns the child
to brush her hair
with the wind

spring breeze...
her breasts sway
over the porcelain tub

spring twilight...
the hanging fern

thru the hospital gown
your shoulder
small as our child's

The first hot night:
chilling the tea
slicing the lemons.

the swan's head
turns away from sunset
to his dark side

the dark
with spring

over the dam -
summer's end

the trees

walking the snow-crust
not sinking

when the guests leave
the old cat
purrs & purrs


from an empty hearth
summer coolness

laughing softly
under the trees
of the cemetery

the quiet woods
last light staying


Anita Virgil, "A LONG YEAR" First Edition, 2002

this summer
only birds
in the lawn chairs

July heat...
in the pines two squirrels
sizzle at each other

the corner of the house
a giant funnel web

soft rain
through the great trees
soft birdsong

the toddler finds
the last patch of spring snow

rime twinkling
in morning sunshine every rooftop

at the top of the bedroom curtain
the rising sun
moves down

the frozen woods showering

in misty rain
little birds dart in & out of the grey
waiting woods

fall drizzle...
the house-spider backs further
into her corner


Anita Virgil, "ONE POTATO TWO POTATO ETC" First Edition, 1991

spring snow
wrote a letter
it is gone

summer again...
the wife is polishing
her toenails

New Year's morning
the bird feeders full
of sunlight

morning in the French Quarter
cafe au lait &
beignets with sparrows

the old cat carries off
a little sunshine
on his back

3 beetles line up
under the screen door...
cold morning

in dappled shade
the tied horse
scalding daffodils

a piece of night wind
in the hollow
of us

the coffin in
the bearers brush off
each other's shoulders

in autumn rain
looking back at the smoke
from my chimney

spring breeze...
the tree trunks sway & rub
whale songs

snowflakes begin...
at the cellar window
the red geranium blooms

home again:
turning on the tap a gush
of rusty water

rainy Sunday -
cooped up the puppy gently gnaws
her hind foot

hot afternoon...
only the slap slap
of a jump rope

hot afternoon...
the dripping beaks
of slow swans

deep in the hole
with the narcissus bulb go

frozen grass...
steam from a turd rises
toward the morning stars

for a while in evening rain
the soft sound
of arpeggios


"THE HAIKU ANTHOLOGY" Third Edition. Edited by Cor Van Den Heuvel, 1999

the slow day...
in the empty motel corridor
a stack of dirty dishes

The first hot night:
chilling the tea
slicing the lemons.

quiet evening:
the long sound
of the freight train fades

I sigh
and the cat on my lap
begins to purr

behind sunglasses
I doze and wake...
The friendly man talks on


"HAIKU MOMENT" Edited by Bruce Ross, 1993

no sound to this
spring rain -
but the rocks darken

deep blue autumn sky;
from the cellar
a cricket sings

on the lowest shelf
jars full of
autumn sunlight

this spider web
so different I
leave it alone

Glittering heat -
The finches argue & argue
The viburnum droops

almost (down the path
in the pouring rain) alone
box turtle

following me
deeper into my quilt
the wren's song

my spade turns
the dark earth lets in
some sun