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Francine Porad's Haiku


wearing the first bloom
of the camellia tree
the old woman

country garden
bordered with railroad ties
end to end

rhododendron buds
child caught between
yes and no

neighbour child
at the door selling
my cereus bloom

autumn breeze
leaves and their shadows fill
the roof garden

holding its arch
windless cold

surgery tomorrow
we talk of flowers

thick lilac blooms
on the tree half
left standing

big birthday
the mirror no longer reflects
my self-image

cry of an old woman
m a m a...

class reunion:
filling the distance
with words

spellbound husband-
his wife's version
of their courtship

steaming tea-
old photographs
losing definition

steady rain
inside a pitcher plant
a fly floats

poplar trees shedding
we hunt
for his gravestone

our dialogue
his eyes never leave
his reflection

folded flag
in a Safeway bag
fifth of July

I win
all the games

November sunshine
a six-inch carpet of leaves
for the tree house

desert heat
cactus flowers stand
away from their spines

love poem read aloud
splintered light
of a billion stars

a matron
pockets the fluted shell
ginko moon

snapped line-
the salmon's full length
in the air

a finch at the feeder
the caged parakeet

retired engineer planting petunias precisely

silenced by a stroke her hateful tongue

temple bells a stranger blesses me

late fall
skeleton of the tree
on each leaf back

misty morning
an Art Deco handrail adorned
with spider webs

stormy night
still one bright star
for wishing

eye surgery
the shimmer
of moonlight

school open house
Mrs. Thompson atop her desk
swinging long legs

teacher invites Daddy
to discuss my schoolwork
without Mom

long night
I adjust my breathing
to his

an ant scurries
between raindrops
another biopsy

at odds today
crow-pecked plums
in the leafy tree

handsome vendor
my name
on the grain of rice

drawing a house
with a fenced-in yard
the deaf boy

vacation beachfront
tossed back in the waves
a perfect worry-stone

class reunion
filling the distance
with words

I raise my head
from his chest, heartbeats
to crickets

clouds spill
a torrent of rain
divorce papers

from my bare shoulder
he plucks
an imaginary speck

heaping butter
on a sweet roll

another disguise
the stranger
in last night's dream

arthritic fingers taper
the slender branches

finding father
in Frans Hals painting
how his eyes sparkle

all this talk of war
baby's mouth
quivers in sleep

threat of war
new moon's face
completely in shadow

poolside, we chat
about reincarnation
no longer strangers

baby's giggle the way a smile changes two faces

long commuter ride
a stranger discusses
his incontinence

spring cleaning
all the forget-me-nots
tossed by the gardener

Mother's Day
gift-wrapped box of chocolates
one piece missing

snapped line
the salmon's full length
in the air

late fall
the skeleton of the tree
on each leafback

the waves roll
fracturing the sun
into a hundred stars

washed ashore
each feeler intact

early morning
the slanted shadow
of the pink house

the all-white room
hoards the sunlight

tide's in
slipping through her fingers
sun sparkle

bursting free
from a box-shaped pruning
forsythia branches

arctic storm
the trees' frozen drips
pointing skyward

heavy snowfall
the last bus leaves
in chains

blank calendar
not only a new year
a new life

high tide
a slippery fish
makes off with the bait

jogger’s feet
maintain the rhythm
pounding waves

tiny gecko
in my shower,
please use the guest bath!

time out
handcuffed to a chair
his sister’s doll

signaling spring
dozens of doves

hospital masks in place
dad runs through falling debris
babe in his arms

late spring
house plant's spotted leaves

migrating birds
grains of sand tumble
from her notebook

still hunched at the computer
beginning to see the light

these boots
are made for walking--
Beal Street blues

line forms on the right
all the voting booths

New York, New York
under construction
kids on scaffolding

bird house empty of seed
even the jays
look for Bernard

autumn wind—
ochre saturates
a fresh canvas

night clouds
the city's aura

deep in sweet alyssum -
Indian summer

tear-stained faces
within and beyond
the TV set

stifled giggles
behind the gazebo
summer wine

twilight deepens
the wordless things
I know

mirrored image stares
back at me, then forms the face
I show to strangers

house guest directions:
at the sunflower on 33rd
turn right

long night
I adjust my breathing
to his

a life confirmed
I knit my joy
with pastel yarn

side by side -
shriveling camellias
snowy white plum

washed ashore
each feeler intact

frog in the pocket
second childhood
hopping out