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Back to the Modern American Haiku Poets

by Alan Pizzarelli

staples rust
in the telephone pole


light rain
on the young tree
a strip of burlap
... flaps

bending back
... along the railroad track
... ... tiger lilies


fading across the grooves
... of a glacial rock
... ... a bird's wet footprints


... driving
out of the car wash

... ... clouds move
across the hood


at the produce stand
... a kid with a baseball
... ... plays catch with the awning


at short stop
between innings
sparrows dust-bathing


in the supermarket
the spinster smiles
at the cucumbers


the gas station man
... points the way
with a gas nozzle


in the building's shade
a man winds up
the barking dogs


"I'm serious!"
he shouts
wearing a pinwheel hat


the rubber band man
stretches in-between
his sidewalk acts


carried from the car
the ventriloquist's dummy
looks around


late in the evening
a midget hoses the sunflowers


before the fireworks
... fireflies


on the bright marquee
a man's shadow changes the letters


the shoeshine boy
snaps his rag

horse chestnuts hit the parked car


starry night
the jeweler closes
the folding gate


morning twilight
a truck driver gently unloads
sacks of clams


hottest day of the year
a breeze in the distant treetops

it's here!


the tattoo'd man
walks onto the crowded beach


drop of ocean
in my navel

the amusement park


spinning cotton candy
the girl with the teased-up hair


the taffy pullers
... ... the taffy pullers
the taffy pullers


skee ball
the kid with a fistful of tickets
wins a plastic bubble pipe


the setting sun
lights the top
of the high striker


on the merry-go-round
that empty blue bench


above the arcade
a yellow moon flashes
through drifting clouds


the ferris wheel turning
into the fog


backstage at the theater
ordering everyone around
the puppeteer


sudden rain ... reeled in ... on the wash line ... the doll's clothes


across the tightrope goes the star of the flea circus in a pink tutu


to read the sign


in the tv store
on all the screens
cloned sheep


reaching for
the wind-up toy
it rides off the table


the dog runs after the stick
i pretend to throw


the visiting mother-in-law
re-arranges the furniture

far down the railroad track
... the brakeman's lantern
... ... gets lost among the fireflies


the fat lady
bends over the tomatoes
a full moon


... slaP


indian summer
the acupuncturist brings his cactus
back outside


in the stream
... a shopping cart
fills with leaves


with no money
... i go
... snow viewing


in the empty concert hall
the sound of radiator pipes


snow falls from trees
... rumble
of passing boxcars


leaning on the car fender
winter mountains


snow blows off the paper birches
nobody cares


nothing to write

but this


a spark
falls to the ground
... darkens

that's it



All poems copyright © 2006 by Alan Pizzarelli