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Marianna Monaco's Haiku

long walk home
kicking a stone
for company

bifocals -
the double pleasure
of seeing you again

what to hold on to
what to let go -
moving day

yesterday's words
dark along the edges
of my eraser

spring cleaning -
as I empty the brass bowl
it fills with sound

autumn sunset . . .
upended by the tide
the crab's hollow shell

stalled at the crossroad -
shadows deepen the dents
on the old Volkswagen

unmoved by the wind
in the tulips

executive meeting -
erotic doodles
on her notepad

home from the office
shoulder pads drooping

after calling in sick
I suddenly feel
so much better

amid such order
in the cornfield

acorn woodpeckers:
how to explain
my filing system

the table set
with heirloom china -
winter moon

mystery story
marking my place
with wildflowers

all night long
the porch light warming
the swallow's nest

seaside motel room -
a list of hurricane names
tucked into the bible

spaghetti steaming
in the shattered bowl

street by street
the streetsweeper
sweeping rain

a city parking space
appears and disappears
in fog

light from the doorway
spills into the night



Marianna is the Secretary/Treasurer of Haiku Oregon. She was born in the city of Brooklyn, raised in the suburbs in New Jersey, schooled in the great plains of Kansas, and have lived and written in the fog belt of San Francisco, and now in the lush green Willamette Valley. She discovered haiku in 1990, in the Green Apple Book Store in San Francisco, where she found Cor van den Heuvel's 1974 edition of The Haiku Anthology. Marianna read contemporary American haiku poets long before she was introduced to Basho and the Japanese masters and 5-7-5. She's been reading and writing these small poems for over 2 decades.