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Jim Kacian's Haiku

spring rain
---------------if i lie
-----quite still

first autumn wind
not feeling the knife
slice my finger

the cold night
comes out of the stones
all morning

walking in
the orchard -----suddenly
-------------------------its -----plan

passing the jug
the warmth
of many hands

looking out the window
long after

ground fog
up to my ankles
in moonlight

just now
as my life turns crazy

the stars sink
into the sand

the river
the river makes
of the moon

city morning
a crane lifts its shadow
up the wall

family album?
the black and white
of my youth

in concert
the violin soloist
and his shadows

falling leaves
the house comes
out of the wood

winter seclusion
tending all day
the small fire

the boat sails
close-hauled to the breeze
windward pines

bright sun
the sheen of tall grass
when it bends

clouds seen
through clouds
seen through

calm evening
the ballgame play-by-play
across the water

ground fog
up to my ankles
in moonlight

autumn breeze—
shadows of wheat
in the waving wheat

asked to guess
I turn my face
to the heavens

offshore breeze—
a girl with wild gestures
where the wave breaks

at the limit of audibility
the rare bird
I’ve just heard of

daylight savings time...
raking leaves
into the dark

overnight flight—
how slowly light comes
around the world

city morning
a crane lifts its shadow
up the wall

spring sunshine
an old person now lives
in my body

the place i can’t reach itches your absence

hummingbird I stop a moment

the rain the same as the summer air twilight