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Virgil Hutton's Haiku

harvesting the wheat field--
trail of golden dust

Early Spring;
the sidewalk blooms
with crayon flowers

blowing the snow
into the sea

Still beside
the grinning pumpkin
crackerjack marigolds

Pruning trees
and sweeping geese southward
the autumn wind

The lake's
quiet striptease —
the morning mist

Dusk over the lake
a turtle's head emerges
then silently sinks

Cloudless spring sky;
off and on all day
the caw of a crow

Spring dawn;
young tree just big enough
to rest a blackbird

Migrating swallows;
the gentle fall
of rain and leaves

Autumn wind
louder and louder—
the rattle of leaves

Open prairie;
a church and its graveyard
all alone


The Hawk's Vision by Virgil Hutton
20 pages, Brooks Books; 1 edition (August 1988)

Haiku Harvest by Virgil Hutton
Saki Press Chapbook, 50 haiku