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Stanford M. Forrester's Haiku
All poems copyrighted 2005

Buddhist haiku, senryu and small poems...

meditation hall . . .
an ant carries away
my concentration

morning light -
all the stone buddhas
robed in gold

buddha's fingerprint
in the sand . . .
Zen garden

only one flower
is needed to answer
your question

no one notices
the firefly

summer drought . . .
the Zen garden
in bloom

moss garden on the stone buddhas the sound of rain

temple ruins -
pieces of a buddha
still praying

melting into pure water the snow buddha

how quickly
it comes back . . .

dog shit
or me
the fly doesn't care

backyard sun shower -
the windchime song
changes with each cloud

just within my reach the lightning bug turns off

monk's bowl -
one grain of rice
one ant

a lot

gone i write about nothing

autumn wind -
only the stink bug
clinging to me

winter wind -
the length
of the homeless man's beard

temple yard the sound of stone buddhas

gray autumn sky -
the blackbirds
turn and turn

motionless or not the snail

summer afternoon the ant tries to eat me

a stone
i saved
casting stones

temple bell ringing
one thousand times . . .
winter rain

end of summer . . .
the sunflower disappears
seed by seed

as quiet as a mountain temple the anthill

summer afternoon . . .
the first drops of rain
on my bare feet

Zen awakening?
my legs

Zen archery -
aiming for the bull's-eye
in my mind

end of autumn -
finding myself
in a field of thistle

writing a haiku
in the sand . . .
a wave finishes it

winter afternoon -
a slow shadow fills
the empty bowl

sun on the windowsill…
the dead bee
no longer yellow

temple ruins . . .
moss growing between
buddha's toes

high tide the sand buddha scattered into a million waves

plum blossom breeze -
the stone basin
fills with clouds

winter afternoon -
a crow blackens
the white sky

emptiness . . .
the space that creates the path

firefly glow . . .
i too
pray to Buddha

let me be
your disciple -
oh firefly

cross-eyed Daruma sees his self

zen koan
chipping my mind
on the edge of the circle

prayer flag
the wind
part of the prayer

thistle field nothing sticks to the stone buddha

ant sutra . . .
the weight
of a grain of sand

sand mandala an ant tracks through Nirvana

Chinatown shop -
tin buddhas meditate
on a dusty shelf

godless month -
i save
a pumpkin seed

meditation hall . . .
swinging in the rafters
my monkey mind

temple garden -
ants climb up and down
the cosmos

cracked buddha skull -
i look inside
the emptiness

behind the tea house . . .
the master
empties his cup

tea ceremony -
the master pours
his mind into the cup

when a scarecrow isn't the last straw

prayer beads . . .
at the end of the strand
the beginning

mushroom field . . .
the monk sleeps beneath
his straw hat

Japanese hotel -
Gideon & Buddha share
the same drawer

Zen retreat -
i awaken
with a cup of coffee

January sun -
the snow melts first
on Buddha's belly

rainy season -
the size
of the monk's umbrella

one extra curl on Buddha's head snail

morning downpour . . .
only the sound
of the temple bell stays dry

old Buddhist scroll -
a crow and heron
share the same branch

crow haiku . . .
my pen
filled with black ink

moon viewing party -
the moon
arrives late

alphabet metaphysics -
heaven and hell
both begin with "h"


Various haiku, senryu and small poems

orange leaf
is it you
who started autumn?

October wind . . .
the leaves & wicker basket
both blow away

making a snowman -
the glow
of my father's pipe

sibling rivalry -
the strawberry missing
on my shortcake

new year's day -
more lint in my pocket
than money

New Year's day -
not liking my fortune
I buy another

spring breeze -
lying to myself

before i arrive -
morning glory

blossom tea -
the geisha drinks
her reflection

falling back
into old habits -
the rainy season

moss garden no sound of rain

winter playground
the wind
louder than the children

deep snow
the white powder
on the old geisha's face

kicking a rock all the way home autumn cloud sky

bumper cars -
all the boys bump into
the cute girl

lazy afternoon -
the toddler with her bottle
me with mine

autumn sky the drifting clouds and crows

winter depression -
the white pages
in my haiku notebook

all day rain -
the sag
of the toddler's diaper

ocean wind a blowfish tossed on deck exhales

handful of sand -
a flash of sunlight
in each grain

bon festival -
among a string of lanterns
the moon

out all night -
the cat
offers no explanation

nudist colony -
the toddler's doll

the geisha's kimono
slightly open -
crescent moon

rainy museum day the sun chipped-off the Chinese vase


Haiku about Greece

forgotten temple -
a yellow flower
offers itself

afternoon light . . .
a single bird singing
in the amphitheatre

ancient grove -
an orange
falls into its shadow

Athens wind -
the fish market
the incense vendor

cold Aegean sun -
the temple
half stone, half shadow

ocean waves . . .
the blue curls
in Poseidon's hair





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the motley sangha. Bottle Rockets Press, Whethersfield, CT. This mini anthology, edited by Stanford M. Forrester includes the work of by Raffael de Gruttola, George G. Dorsty, Stanford M. Forrester, Jerry Kilbride, Larry Kimmel, vincent trip, & karma tenzing wangchuk. This limited edition contains 6 poems per poet.

January Sun. Windsor, Conn.: Bottle Rockets Press, 2007, 32 pages.