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Tom Clausen's Haiku

the connection of my eye
to the brightest

after speaking importantly
she quickly resumes
sucking her thumb

to the cat
"thatÂ’s complete and
utter nonsense"

the only car ahead
turns off

snow flurrying . . .
the deer, one by one, look back
before they vanish

one tree
one bird, one song
the dusk

in another country
from a flatcar
the Milky Way

taking off my clothes
my heart
closer . . .

reading her letter—
suddenly aware of the look
on my face

for the lost cat . . .

lunch alone
without a book
i read my mind

park twilight—
a light comes on
by itself

standing here
at this window, remembering mother
standing here

on the trail again . . .
walking deeper
into myself

back at the office
after sick leave—
watering her plant

a child standing guard
over a last little bit
of snow

waiting to see
the odometer’s big change . . .
missed it!

spring sun --
high in his arms
the newborn is shown

Farm country back road:
just like them i lift one finger
from the steering wheel

going the same way…
exchanging looks with the driver
of the hearse

from the bread truck's roof
frost swirls

the plumber
kneeling in our tub
—talking to himself

sidewalk sale—
wind twists a lifetime
guarantee tag

light snow…
the students study
in silence

between windows
the space the spider
lived and died

in our doorway
a man reads to me
a bible passage

old friends talk
each holding
car keys

in the dark -
through the window light
my wife and child

on the way home
more geese
on the way home. . .