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Yu Chang's Haiku

I was born in mainland China; grew up in Taiwan; and went to graduate schools in England and in the US. Since 1974 I've been a faculty member in the electrical engineering department at Union College in Schenectady, NY.

starry night–
biting into a melon
full of seeds

pebbled beach–
how carefully she chooses
her words

parting her pink robe

warm rain
the spring moon returns
to the rusty can

duck pond
making small talk
with strangers

Central Park
the echo of her voice
in every direction

someone’s hat
left on a park bench
quiet afternoon

deeper in the petunia
summer heat

topiary garden
a lantern
in bloom

after the rain
the white lilac
just my height

shutter lag -
just bees
on the blossoms

stepping out
with my holey socks
summer stars

summer heat –
into the shade together
the scorpion and I

lucky bamboo
a single leaf
tipped with sun

longer days
a nameless bug
on my bicycle

old passport
the tug
of my father’s smile

early bird special
rubbing elbows
with a stranger

around and around
learning the names
of one way streets

Christmas party
an old friend empties
my wine glass

small town
my accents starts
a conversation

starlit sky
are you sure
we are alone

windowless classroom
the blank look
same as last term

fund drive
the ivy covered building
has a new name

home alone
she blows a kiss
into a cellphone

just long enough
to leave an impression

autumn colors
we paddle closer
to the mountain

water’s edge
she pulls me
into summer

autumn dusk
enough light
to count the leaves

banana leaf
our small talk
in the rain

winter sun-
through my office window
amaryllis in bloom

starry night
biting into a melon
full of seeds

cold morning
a pair of ducks watching me
watching them

left behind
at the mountain lake

still thinking of her
the sticky threads
of the severed lotus root

time for breakfast
my cat’s tail
in the headlines

deepening dusk
a canoe comes in
with the fog

winter moon
through the grape trellis
squares of light

first frost
a homeless man appears
in the new development

mountain lake-
in your reflection

another spring
the nameless shoot
still nameless

filigreed moon
the soft edges
of her lingerie

we lower
the blinds

new dean
all blackboards
turn white

winfow box —
between flowering pansies
my daughter’s face

17 years
how carelessly she flicks off
the cicada

a scorpion emerges
from a pile of chilies
desert sunset

almost dusk
the raspberry stalk bends
with a purple finch

biology conference room
all eyes
on the stuffed owl

stalling the sunset
in the marsh

different pace
at the water's edge
the sandpiper and I

ebb tide
the dark water
carries the moon away

empty beach
a child's bucket
full of sand

giving sound
to the submerged stone wall
my new kayak

giving sound
to my creaky steps
old plank

amid dead leaves
broken icicles

insomnia -
the train tracks are silent
all night long

moonless night
the darkness deepest
where the snowy owl was