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Haiku by an'ya
(Andja Petrovic, 1947-)

silk strand-
suddenly i've become
a puppeteer

bitter cold
a juniper berry parts
the jay's beak

night of stars
all along the precipice
goat bells ring

neap tide
a striped shell tumbles
the sea ashore

from the eaves
an occasional drip
closer to spring

unpicked flowers
I gather a bouquet
only in my mind

sunlit yard
snow clumps on branches
poised to fall

stepping stones
between each tuft of grass
- equinox

morning wind
across the sky, contrails
twist together

lake reflection -
a star-studded sky
between fireworks

thinking i can
follow the raptor's ascent -
it soars higher yet

passing train
two cirrus clouds
couple together

morning sun
a poplar sheds
the night's rain

village well no more -
and still, flights of swallows
come migrating home