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Terry L. Young's Haiku Trilogies

Footprints, a Haiku Trilogy

Bending to the wind
a mountain pine sheds its snow.
Where are your footprints?

Moonlight and shadows
Leaves rustle in the night breeze.
Another star falls.

Only a snow bank
Where you stood last December.
It’s been a year now.


Fields of Rice, a Haiku Trilogy

Water buffalo
Standing knee-deep in green stalks
Contemplate the war.

Flies bite at their necks.
Glossy dead men at their feet
Contemplate nothing.

Reflections shimmer
On the bright paddy surface,
Portending more rain.


Indochine, a Haiku Trilogy

On the forest floor
The surreptitious tigers
Blend with the dead leaves.

Smoke on the mountain
Denotes enemy movements.
Tigers are hungry.

An old man crying
By the river denotes war.
The tigers are gone.


Wabash Moon, a Haiku Trilogy

Skipping water bugs
stamp ringlets across the moon.
The river flows south.

Shadow ghosts play tag
Over the scattered starlight.
The river is wide.

A light through the trees,
Cautious footsteps on the bank. . .
The river is deep.