Terebess Asia Online (TAO)


Elizabeth St Jacques' Haiku

from wet clay
where no seed with grow
the worm

battle won,
the rooster strutting
with a limp

in the field
chirping wrens
on the mean bull's back

quiet twilight
even birds are listening
to the old push-mower

final resting place
beneath the new sunporch
another sparrow

november chill
creeping through
grandfather's house
the scent of wintergreen

woodshaving curl
in winter light
grandfather's violin

this autumn night
the small moth's touch -
shiver of the moon

first heavy snow
the broken fence leans
a little lower

winter dusk
the rhythm of her knife
chopping fruit and nuts

Christmas Eve . . .
in the snowbank
a full-grown angel print

biting my nails
the acned boy begs
my hand in marriage

floating through moonlight
to the New Year's dance
on big brother's arm

new year pledges
in my hand
pumpkin seeds