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Katherine Samuelowicz's Haiku

self portrait with sand: postcards from various places - Post Pressed, Flaxton, 1999. 118 pages.

noticing the view, haiku & other poems - Post Pressed, Flaxton, 1999. 46 pages.

bawdy per verse & irreverent - edited by john knight & katherine samuelowicz, illustrations from the figure by brenda lewis. Post Pressed, Flaxton, 1999. 115 pages.

sleeping suburbs apart: conversations with ex-husbands and lovers - Post Pressed, Flaxton, 2005, 70 pages.

"each in own future: 55 tanka & unrelated randomly placed photographs from many places" - DVD, published by Post Pressed: Teneriffe, Australia, 2007.

‘we made each other up: tanka, haibun & haiku’ - Published by PostPress, Brisbane, Australia, 2011


cold night moth
on the window
clings to brightness

a gust of wind
yesterday's headlines
fly across the road

on her cheek
his kiss turns into

lizard merges
with the stone wall —
still the phone doesn't ring

night breeze cooling
his kisses
on my neck

sun fretting through branches
on her skin
moving tattoo

walking along the beach
my shadow
still young

high noon
our scaled down shadows

steam clears
in bathroom mirror
hips nipples lips reassemble

jacaranda blossoms
in the salad bowl

the affair over
polite eyes worn out words
sameness of the grass

sleeping suburbs apart
trees tell each other stories

city gardens
two drinks later
summer sun still lingers

flick of fire
flick of tongue -
winter night

under shower
sun hardly touches my breasts -
autumn again

virtual flowers
on a windy night
computer humming

under the airport clock
he asks her

reading glasses collide -
first kiss

in close embrace
stunted shadows
cling to our feet

walking along the lake
my shadow
a blacker patch of water

sky stained red
which way didn't you come

the wine glass
my face

at the waterhole
tourists and one giraffe

Skeleton Cost
wind plays on
beer bottles & seals' skulls

in the silence
of the desert night
...one mosquito

... now on the floor
clothes empty of
arms legs breasts

...one more drink
twilight carrying
the world away

thunder -
dog and rain
rush in

upturned crescent moon
holding the rest of the moon

autumn mist
under my chestnut tree
other lovers kiss

on the verandah
flowers in bloom
i take longer to shower

after summer storm
a moon
in each puddle

my book
on the bookshop shelf
i feel like someone else

in the lake water
my corrugated face

moonglazed night
visiting house after house
my shadow

shadow of a butterfly
on the curtain moving --

under shower
the red glow of winter sun
on shampoo bottles

mexican wave—
trees start swaying
one by one

early start—
dust on the windscreen
turns pink

only the sound—
waiting for the ocean
to become visible

how the trees have grown
... still your voice
can stop my heart

for a brief moment
on my lips his kiss

moon shaped lamps
at the end of the street

first reluctant
jacaranda blossoms -
another october

sun sinks into the hills
my shadow
one with darkness

winter funeral
heavy coats
no warmth in embraces

night swim-
into my empty arms
moon falls

at the car park
as we say goodbye
a swirl of old papers

looking at
travel agent's window
spring again

westerlies and your kisses
… I put balm
on my lips

winter cemetery
no footprints around
this grave

cold evening
my hands
warming each other

winter car park
graffiti swear
from windscreens

under NO STANDING sign
two girls kiss

sudden breeze wrinkled stars in the puddle

winter bruised skies the words I don’t say

storm crinkling sound of a power line

getting dark
still visible
your shadow next to mine

in a box
in my sister’s place
my first marriage

cooler wind a roving boat cuts through setting sun

flying home
for a moment
clouds one with their shadows

driving to yoga class
squeezed between two buildings
red sunrise

afternoon breeze
sudden pink
of galahs

ferry wash now only one water dragon clings to rocks

leaves falling ~
so many new graves
around my mum’s

new season girls
on the campus
poinciana red again

long pauses between words
palm fronds
making striped light