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Bruce Ross's Haiku

a milk-white spider
explores the morning teapot
light autumn breezes

abandoned house-
the lilacs just as bright
this spring

autumn drizzle-
the slow ticking
of the clock

autumn light
beneath the orange leaves
orange leaves

blue winter sky
the little peck holes
up the pine

by itself
far from the shore
circle of bright river weed

crusted snow
around the dog house
a little ditch

early spring drizzles . . .
so many shades of green
on the mountain

early spring
sparkling drops of water
from the gull's feet

early autumn sun -
spider races across
the weathered log

faint spring mist
only the bright orange
of poppy blossoms

icy dawn...
the sparkling window frost
in the unused room

it too
has a little snow
tiny birdhouse

Japanese garden...
a bamboo staff left
in the bamboo

late October sun -
a lone beaver dives and resurfaces
dives and resurfaces

late winter chill
the porcupine tips up
a fallen branch

Memorial Day
a bit of fluff passes
the highest leaves

Memorial Day
all the dandelions
turned inward

migrating monarchs
cluster along the shoreline.
thousands of wet stones

morning train -
its shadow moves across
a bank of snow

not minding one bit
a loon in the choppy waves
beyond the pier

one at a time
the yellow leaves drift
to the ground

only the first note
of a white-throated sparrow
light summer breeze

one chooses mud
the other snowmelt
late March crows

outdoor cafe
the dog takes interest
in my interest

overcast breezes . . .
the feeders slowly swing
without birds

rain clouds
a river frog's head
pops back down

the snow-covered rock
under winter stars

sleepless night
the space between
two stars

so quiet
by the roadside
Queen Anne's lace

some with coats
and some without them
December horses

spring thaw
a new spider
in the mailbox

still winter day . . .
the motionless shadow
of the fence

still spring night -
fallen dogwood petals
under the bright moon

Sunday morning:
pale violet lilacs behind
the old library

sunlit field
a little wandering stream
frozen solid

summer afternoon
the lake water calmer
beyond the sailboats

sunny afternoon
all the fire engines gone from
the open bays

the spotted chest
of a perched hawk
. . . light spring rain

Thoreau's gravesite:
the smell of woodsmoke
on the cold spring air

two cups clink
in the open cupboard
spring drizzles

without me
my shoes on the floor
so still

without fragrance
these faded roses
in the cold air



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