Terebess Asia Online (TAO)


Ray Rasmussen's Haiku

bitter sweet
the taste of crab apples -
spring approaching

alone tonight
how blue
the moonlit iris

at day's end
even the pebble casts
a long shadow

snow falls
into soft contours
tears of joy

midday hush
the rasp of a mallard
calling his mate

spring sun—
cedar waxwings fill
the leafless plum

meditation class—
he begins by contemplating
the blonde's navel

divorce proceedings—
things hers, not his
his, not hers

garage cleaning day
my father's fishing pole
coated in dust

rain shower—
too big to squeeze
between the drops

once purple—
the gray thistle slumps
toward earth

where only yesterday
I heard the owl's mating call—
golden leaves

owl’s call—
boots squeak on
dry snow

campfire talk—
light flickers among
the shadows

wine glasses touch—
the top button of her blouse
not undone

fire embers—
moths flutter in and out
of the light

the sound of a splash!
ripples shatter
the moon's reflection

lucky moon—
even when waning, no one
threatens to replace you

late spring romance—
a thorn bush flush
with wild roses

political orthodoxy—
spruce bows sag under the weight
of pure white snow

crescent moon
still I turn my gaze back
to the muddied path

mail delivery—
the sound of a dog
not barking

the cat sleeps
in the dog's bed

thanksgiving eve—
the last leaves soon to fall
from the tree

day's end—
the long shadow
cast by a pebble