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Haiku by Lenard Duane Moore (1958-)

in the doghouse
the hound's hoarse bark—
winter thunder

Homecoming parade—
waxing my convertible
under the sparrow's nest

of late night sleet—
dog licking its paws

I open the door
to this morning's snow
its silence

bobbing and bobbing
on the jazz club wall—
the bassist's shadow

Watching the woman
who pulled back her braids—
summer sunset jazz

farmwife's marigolds
surging with the wind
the bee's shadow

a hummingbird shadow
in and out of window bars
mimosa fragrance

hot gust of wind
carpenter nailing sunset
into the plywood

A pile of rocks
shifting in spring rain
the stiff old man

the old woman
looking into the stars
sky all snowy

a black woman
breastfeeding her infant—
the autumn moon

farther and farther
into the mountain trail
autumn dusk deepens

After the ambush,
the dust settling
into the silence

a village woman
running across the white-hot sand
her baby in hand

rifle rounds ended--
a flying squirrel leaps
from the jungle vines

the heat in the trench
a marine lifts the helmet
off his head

funeral procession
the stillness of cotton blossoms
in sunlight

tractor overturned–
gathering crowd
arms folded

late summer
black men spreading tar
on the side road

young chaplain closing the eyes of a dead soldier

desert afternoon at a field telephone troops lined up

Sunday morning a black GI prays inside his tent

cleaning his weapon a soldier with the hot sun setting in his eyes

in last night's dream a crow lights on a pine bough - he leaves for the Gulf


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