Terebess Asia Online (TAO)


Haiku by Beverley George

on rump of plodding cow -
black bird

bobs up
in front of itself

unpegging sheets
I wish I could carry
the breeze inside

too much sky
where the two pines

white fence ~
a sparrow hops
picket to picket

a caterpillar
rears on a vine leaf ~
chorus line of legs

grey sea ~
the girth
of headland

old forest
a winged seed spirals
through warm air

autumn chill ~
a rusted hull noses
into mangroves

clanking billy
the mist draws
eucalypts together

autumn hillside
the vixen
lifts a curled paw

"Shingle-Splitters Creek"
we spread the plaid rug
under an ironbark

rusted tractor -
a crow startles
from pale stubble

country graveyard -
a weathered sundial
tells the time

close of day -
an egg and streaky bacon
in the blackened pan

a cormorant folds
fanned wings

a dry leaf scuds -
your letter cracks
along the fold

beneath the paper bark
a huntsman folds itself

cry of a moorhen
in black air

I peg the clothes
on either side of weaver's silk -
glinting sun

noisy miner -
a boy whistles
through a gum leaf

storm cloud -
the yellow gleam
of a crow's eye

garden plot -
the name tag of the plant
that died

seven years on -
the scent of her soap
in the linen press

winter oak ~
the moon lights
a ragged nest

moonlit shore ~
a rock floats
in a tide pool

fancy dress night ~
our bitzer cat
looks away

scent of apple gum
the nesting wasp sets a lid
on the amphora

hose-fight ~
suddenly remembering
we wear spectacles

train tunnel -
the sudden intimacy
of mirrored faces

lengthening shadow . . .
above her eggs the hen's heart
beats against my arm

sprigs of rosemary
something about the tea urns
makes me cry

under the wisteria
his old cane chair

failing eyesight -
we sing only the carols
we know by heart

retirement -
an op-shop dummy
wears my suit

sudden chill
a swirl of fallen leaves
among the wreaths

frosty morning
a lorikeet's call
scratches the air