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Van G. Garrett's Haiku

12 jazz haiku

we sing funk jazz groove
we very seldom play blues
our duet is cool

too cool miles davis
in astronomical shades
hunches in green gel

dizzy i need help
i love great jazz but can’t find
fare for tunisia

roach was my favorite
drummer with soloing hands
rudimenting beats

jazzy jezebels
wear funk on their lips and blues
inside their red thighs

chicken blues and beer
a saturday night special
sickly spewed sunday

bless the child whose got
a song a soul a something
worth crying about

supreme j. coltrane
saxophoning in the dark
her head on my chest

rhythm chugs and chinks
guitar strings sing harmonies
of life before death

bird in the front yard
pecking on his battered horn
trying to be sane

half and quarter notes
eights sixteenth thirty-seconds
scaling the worn paper

bluegrass blues jazz zydeco
cafes dives streets swamps juke