Terebess Asia Online (TAO)


Lorin Ford's Haiku

new fish pond --
the cat
learns to swim

beer garden table
the blurred edges
of many circles

fading light —
his voice in the crowd
of shadows

hard rain -
an old penny winks
from the clay

look, the first
sasanqua camellia!
the cat's pink yawn

ninety-nine haiku!
then the white iris

sleepless night —
the silence between flashes
of heat lightning

reef dive
a turtle climbs green water
into the blue

the beached jellyfish

flooded road
a soft drink bottle
turns left

parked utes –
kelpie ears point
to the pub

dry winter
a geranium wilts
in the pub window

rusted hinge
the butterfly's wings
close, open ...

red dust road
a cattle truck reaches
the vanishing point

parting ways
the cherry branch
weighed down with blossom

the rusted hooks
in Dad’s tackle box —
spring tide

high wind—
the moon rabbit's ears
blown sideways

bare birch tree—
a brush-tailed possum
crosses the moon

red-brick lane each cat on its own window ledge

bushfire moon . . .
the calligraphy
of charred trees

breathless heat . . .
the horse's hoof-fall
muffled by dust

ever-moving mist . . .
another poet climbs
the huang shan

tai chi class
a spring breeze passing
through willows

gathering purple
at dawn

a seagull blackens
toward the horizon
—ebb tide

last rites—
incense dilutes the reek
of irish whiskey

the book falls open
at his love poem

temple looting—
another buddha
loses his head

a raga
in the junkyard—
summer rain

walled garden
the pleiades hidden
by the moon

achiote stall
the red of sunrise
on high cheekbones

bare cottage rose—
rain fills the empty
blackbird’s nest

leaking skylight—
suddenly the moon
in the drip bucket

home renovations—
under old linoleum
old news

winter afternoon
the rabbit in the moon
turns blue

moonlight deepens the crevasse
between two melons

puddle moon
the poet pisses
on his shoes

sheep country
passing clouds graze
the hilltop

night river
trains ripple over
the floating city

touching the wings
of the long dead moth
... dust

to the fig’s damp roots
... his ashes

through rice paper
... grandmother’s face

unswept leaves
my foot brushes
a sparrow

clear water
a magpie's song drops
into the pond

winter beach
i throw a stick
for no dog

finally getting
the why of loneliness
bright sun on ice

white dawn
a moon crab sinks back
into sand

laundry day—
magpie on the clothesline
singing down the rain

snapper run
my father's cigarette
bobbing on the bay

sakura . . .
the taste of chilled wine
from a clay cup

morning shower
a wattlebird scatters
cherry blossoms

clear night ~
cows huddled
behind their breath

street directory
a money spider moves
to the next suburb

electric storm
a crack in the wall
lights up

a leaf crosses out
the I in his name

country train~
keep up

valentine’s day
a dozen fragrant, red