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Marianne Bluger's Haiku

Tamarack & Clearcut
(haiku by Marianne Bluger, photography by Rudi Haas) Carleton University Press, 1997

end of season
upwind on cold sand
a gull struts

in a hotel room

a drifting leaf
& I-in another life
a Zen master's wife

a scorched smell-
burnt fields in the rain
the boulders steam

skirling in the indigo canyon
-or blowing leaves ...

car-sound fading
on the clear mountain air-

in a dark window
Dad's pale face
watching our bonfire soar

moving in among the pines
a screen door slams

on the mountain lake
a pier in silence floats
on empty oildrums

wind bunts
the marigolds
bunt back

mad shadows
a moth at the porchlight
I grip a cold key

bared to sky now
the nest of a hawk

bagpipes wheeze
through the cenotaph mist
a thin line of vets

one little breeze
and the sagebrush starts
whispering to the stars

the last ember dies
a chill takes the house
by moonlight

through the pines
soft breezes shifting
the stars

singing somewhere
in this unraveling mist
a thrush

wind in the trees
tonight by one bare bulb
I pack the shadows

mountain silence
a leaf floats in the gorge
where a boxcar rusts

warm blueberries
a sand path winding
into sunset

twisted old lilacs
one more year
perfuming this yard

utterly still
an old blue heron
in the sparkling shoals

cloudy afternoon
a white chrysanthemum
just one

buzzing with flies
the heifer holds
her steady gaze

ah these soft spring nights
full of bawling cats...
and lilac

rain-rinsed twilight
a motionless toad
claims the walk

flat tire
the cows just stand and slowly
turn to look


Early Evening Pieces
(haiku by Marianne Bluger), Buschek Books, 2003, 82 pages

in a pause
when the wind dies -
the coo of a dove

the woodland grapes
have darkened - on the hillside
goldenrod gleams

a swallow-tail
to a sedge in the wind

a leaf floats
into the gorge where a boxcar rusts
mountain silence

through mist
at the cenotaph - wheezing pipes
& a thin line of vets

sunless cold
stubble field jig of a scarecrow
twisting in wind

leafsmoke in the wind
& snagged on barbed wire
a tuft of red fox fur

hands stiff with cold
as I rake blown leaves -
flashbacks of the kids

first frost
at the Canadian Tire - a chipwagon's
hot grease smell

Ash Wednesday ...
as I dust the piano
faint notes

foggy dawn
feel of cold wet sand
on my naked sole

morning sun
ping of a quarter at the tollbooth
lights up GO