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Haiku by Tara Betts

five haiku about birds

- Thanks to Lenard D. Moore...

Sparrow pecks dry chicken
bone in alley.

Red flashes dot
mother's back yard,
not lights, cardinals.

Sidewalk sale.
Pigeon takes aim at soaps.
White splats against concrete.

Live pigeon wings spread
then grasped, neck snapped.
Blood fed to los muertos.

(for Dave O. Stovall in Arkansas)

Hypnotized chicken,
fingers over its beak,
calmly loses its head.

haiku inspired by Not In Our Name/World Can't Wait
- "Oxy/Morons Haiku" appeared in Tara's first chapbook 'Can I Hang?'"

A Sister's Offer

I'd swing bat at your
femur or phalanges if
drafts call you toward death.

Thoughts on Privacy

What I read should be
private as panties unless
I want to share it.

Closed clinic doors grow
darker sleeping lids while young
girls greet dysplasia.

Oxy/Morons haiku

Those pro-life, death penalty
advocates firebombing
women's clinics.