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Eric W. Amann's Haiku

In the spring of 1967 Eric Amann produced the first small issue of Haiku in Toronto, Ont.

The wordless poem : a study of Zen in Haiku / Eric W. Amann. Reprinted, with a new bibliography. -- Toronto : Haiku Society of Canada, [1979] c1978.

No More Questions, No More Answers, 1983

Cicada Voices: Selected Haiku, 1979

the names of the dead
sinking deeper and deeper
into the red leaves

Winter burial:
a stone angel points his hand
at the empty sky

Withered winter tree;
its barren boughs reflected
in the sick man’s eye

deep inside your mouth no more questions no more answers

deep penetration the bedside candle quivers lightly in the moonlit room

wild raspberry taste on the tip of your tongue

snow falling
on the empty parking-lot:
Christmas Eve…

In the quiet pond
even the touch of a moth
shatters the full moon

old men on park benches
looking older still
this autumn day

A night train passes:
pictures of the dead are trembling
on the mantelpiece

Short spring night:
the mountain river
runs through my dream

with drops of morning dew:
the cat’s whiskers

Headless turkeys
hand in the butcher’s window—
Thanksgiving Day!

Billboards . . .
in spring
rain . . .

The circus tent
all folded up:
October mist . . .